Photo Gallery 1914-1949

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Photo 1: This photograph of the Lawrence Volunteer Fire Association’s original firehouse was taken on October 24, 1915 by William T. Turner Sr.

Photo 2: In this undated photograph, members of the Lawrence Volunteer Fire Association pose with their hand-drawn chemical fire apparatus outside the original wood-frame firehouse. The photo was possibly taken in late 1914 or early 1915.

Photo 3: In this undated photograph, members of the Lawrence Volunteer Fire Association Ladies Auxiliary pose next to the original firehouse.

Photo 4: This 1929 photograph shows the 1917 Jeffrey chemical engine decorated as a ship honoring Captain James “Don’t Give Up The Ship” Lawrence, hero of the War of 1812. Maidenhead Township was renamed Lawrence Township in 1816 in honor of the heroic sailor. The members of the Lawrence Volunteer Fire Association created the float to participate in a parade commemorating the 250th anniversary of the City of Trenton. William Sharp was the driver of the float. Pictured from left to right are Spencer Cornell, Pat Pilla, Joseph Pilla, James Hindley, Paul Paak, and Anthony Pilla. On the bridge is Robert Ross. The boy next to Ross is George Ziegler, son of Stephen Ziegler Sr.

Photo 5: This undated photograph shows the 1931 Sanford engine. According to a note in the scrapbook in which the photo was found the two men shown are Donald Baker and Mickey Lashutka.

Photo 6: In this undated photograph, the original wood-frame firehouse is visible at the rear of the newer brick firehouse.

Photo 7: This undated, cracked photograph shows members of the Lawrence Volunteer Fire Association posing with some of their equipment. A list of the members was written on the reverse side of the photo. In the back row, from left to right, are Thomas Hawthorne, William Smith, Steve Ragolia, James Dorety, Steve Mendrey, and William Baker. In the middle row are Lee McConahy, William Marsh, Herb Jaeger, Harold Edwards, Donald Baker, and Earl Harris. In the front row are Anthony Pilla, Steve Stanzione, Charles H. Smith, James Balaam, James Hindley, William Sharp, and Al Schoeller.

Photo 8: This photo shows the dedication ceremony Lawrence Volunteer Fire Association held on Sunday, July 4, 1943, for its World War II roll of honor. In the back row, from left to right, are: Stephen Mendrey Sr. (partially out of frame), Robert Edwards (in uniform), Gary Boetsma, unknown, unknown, William Marsh (with badge), James Cervone, Victor Ludwig, Andrew Cermele, William Musson, Chester Fell, Donald Baker, unknown, Joseph Crans, Stanley Smith, Thomas Hawthorne, Harold Edwards, Joseph Csercsevits Jr., Peter Trumpowitz, William Baker, Herb Jaeger, William Smith (?), Thomas Ettinger, and Bruce Cranstoun. In the middle row, from left to right, are: Father Ketterer of St. Ann’s Church, Robert Ross, James Balaam, James Hindley, Charles H. Smith, Joseph Pilla, and Rev. Peters of Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church. In the front row, from left to right, are: Foster Jemison, Pat Pilla, William Hall, Lee McConahy, Anthony Pilla, J. Russell Smith, Vincent Terranova, Steve Ragolia and Joseph Olessi.

Photo 9: This undated photograph show the interior of the firehouse kitchen.