Photo Gallery 1960's

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Photo 17: This group photograph is dated 1960 on the back. From left to right are: Joseph Cermele, William Water Jr., Harriet Baker, Linton Reed Jr., Don Baker, Leo Lydon, Tony Macheda, Bob Ross, George Wizbiski, Jesse Furtick, Gus Simonelli, D. Probst, William Carroll, Donald Cermele, William Baker, Jesse Cravens, Clifford Stout, David Loveless, Al Muskewitz, John Radlinsky, Rich Morris, Harry Phillips, and Joe Calderone.

Photo 18: This undated photograph shows the large tree in the firehouse lot. In August of 1961, the fire company approached the Mercer County Freeholders for assistance in having the tree removed. The engine parked on the ramp in the photo is believed to be the 1949 Maxim.

Photo 19: Lawrence Road Fire Company’s firehouse during the company’s 50th anniversary celebration on October17, 1964.

Photo 20: During the fire company’s 50th anniversary celebration on October17, 1964, Lawrence Road’s new 1964 Maxim pumper was proudly displayed with President George Welde, Vincent Terranova, Chief Linton Reed Jr., Charter Member Anthony Colavita, Donald Baker, Charter Member William Sharp, Walter Schoeller, Charter Member Samuel Slover, Russell Smith, and Charter Member Harvey Butterfoss.

Photo 21: During the fire company’s 50th anniversary celebration on October17, 1964, Charter Member Harvey Butterfoss helps house the new 1964 Maxim fire engine.

Photo 22: Lawrence Road Fire Company’s fireline and administrative officers for 1964. In the back row, from left to right, are: Financial Secretary William Baker, Capt. Robert Hazen, 1st Assistant Chief William Walter Jr., and Chief Linton Reed Jr. Seated, from left to right, are: Treasurer Robert Miller, President George Welde, and Vice President Donald Cermele.

Photo 23: This photo of Chief Linton Reed Jr. was taken in 1965 during a live-burn drill in an old house on Lawrence Road.

Photo 24: Displaying the new emergency telephone outside the Lawrence Road firehouse are, from left to right, Slackwood Chief Rudy Fuessel, Lawrence Township Mayor Herman Hannsler, Lawrence Road Chief Linton Reed Jr. and Lawrenceville Chief William Eggert. The photo was taken in 1967.

Photo 25: Lawrence Road Firefighters Patrick Quill and his brother, Dan Quill, take a break after battling a general alarm fire at the Princeton Bowling Alley and Indoor Ice Skating Rink on Route 1 in West Windsor Township on November 9, 1967.

Photo 26: Lawrence Road Fire Chief Linton Reed Jr., who served as chief from January 1, 1958 to December 31, 1969.