Photo Gallery 1970's

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Photo 27: This patch was worn by the members of Lawrence Road Fire Co. on their uniforms during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Photo 28: This photograph, according to a note in the scrapbook from which the photo was taken, was shot at a live-burn drill on Bunker Hill Road sometime in 1970 or 1971.

Photo 29: This photo was taken during the fire company’s open house on January 1, 1972, at the firehouse. From left to right: Chief Robert Hazen, 1st Assistant Chief Clinton Groover, 2nd Assistant Chief Warren Groover Jr., and Capt. David Loveless.

Photo 30: In this undated photo from the 1970s, Capt. Patrick Quill of the Lawrence Road Fire Co. accepts a “Fireman of the Year” award from the Schafer Brewing Co.

Photo 31: This undated photo, also taken in the 1970s, shows Lawrence Road Fire Co. Capt. Richard Farletta accepting a firefighter’s award. Also in the photo is Lawrence Road Chief Ted Clemen Jr.

Photo 32: Miles of hose snake down Princeton Pike during the infamous “Water Crisis” of September 1975.

Photo 33: This photo, taken during the “Water Crisis” of September 1975, shows New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner David Bardin and New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne talking with Lawrence Road Fire Company’s paid driver Patrick Kent and Capt. Richard Farletta.

Photo 34: Water flows from a deck gun atop Lawrence Road’s Ford utility truck during a major fire at Reed’s Sod Farm on Princeton Pike on January 3, 1977.

Photo 35: Lawrence Road Firefighters Tim Kasony Sr. and John LemMon were both sent to the hospital after suffering frostbite while battling a general alarm blaze in the Benson Building at the corner of Witherspoon and Spring streets in the heart of Princeton Borough on January 21, 1977. In this photo, part of the building collapses.Photo 36: This photo shows Engine 22-2, a 1978 Bruco 1500 gpm pumper, shortly after its delivery.

Photo 36: This photo shows Engine 22-2, a 1978 Bruco 1500 gpm pumper, shortly after its delivery.