Photo Gallery 2000

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Photo 74: Lawrence Road Ff. Michael Byrd uses a pike pole to open a wall to check for extension during a house fire on Marshalls Corner-Woodsville Road in Hopewell Township on January 23, 2000.

Photo 75: Ff. Charles Commini helps pull a stokes basket up a snow-covered embankment. In the basket is an injured man who overturned his car in a creek alongside Route 1 near Franklin Corner Road on February 1, 2000.

Photo 76: Lawrence Road Rescue Capt. Chris Longo, Ff. Michael Byrd and Ff. Ed Budzinski operate at the rear of the fire building during a three-alarm blaze on the Southwind Farm on Burd Road in Hopewell Township on February 2, 2000.

Photo 77: Chief John Fleming, Ff. Michael Ratcliffe and Capt. Martin Burch help carry the body of a truck driver who was thrown into the D&R Canal following a freak accident on February 18, 2000. The man was later pronounced dead.

Photo 78: Ff. Walter Hlewicki hoses down the smoldering remains of plastic shopping carts destroyed by an arson fire at Lawrence Shopping Center on April 27, 2000. Rescue 22’s crew discovered the fire while returning from a rescue assignment on Quakerbridge Road.

Photo 79: Engine 22-1’s crew (consisting of Capt. Gary Wasko, Ff. Michael Byrd, Ff. Joseph Dlabik Jr. and Ff. Michael Ratcliffe) prepares to go in service with a deck gun to knock down heavy fire during a multiple-alarm brush fire located at the rear of Ewing Cemetery in Ewing Township on May 5, 2000. Dlabik was later overcome by heat exhaustion while fighting the fire and was treated on the scene by an ambulance crew from Ewing Squad 139.

Photo 80: Since 1993, Lawrence Road Fire Co. has had a unique relationship with the London Fire Brigade’s Bethnal Green Fire Station in London, England. Over the years, several exchanges have taken place, and Lawrence Road firefighters have ridden along to fire calls in London with Bethnal Green firefighters, and several London firefighters have flown to New Jersey and ridden along to fire calls in Lawrence Township with Lawrence Road. This photo, taken by Lawrence Road Ff. Michael Ratcliffe during a visit to England, shows Pump F262 from the Bethnal Green Fire Station at the scene of a working car fire on Copperfield Road in London on June 29, 2000.

Photo 81: Ff. Michael Byrd stands by with a charge hoseline after a car, driven by a man who police said was drunk, struck Engine 22-1 directly in front of the Lawrence Road firehouse in the early-morning house of August 2, 2000.

Photo 82: Capt. Gary Wasko corrals a horse after a fire in a horse trailer near Wayside Lane on August 25, 2000.

Photo 83: Rescue 22’s crew works with volunteers from Slackwood Fire Co. and Lawrence First Aid Squad to extricate a woman from a car that slammed into a utility pole on Spruce Street shortly before 4 a.m. on October 9, 2000.

Photo 84: Smoke billows from the home at 63 J. Russel Smith Road in Lawrence Township during a structure fire on December 27, 2000.