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JULY 19, 2005


Lawrence Road and Franklin Corner Road,
Lawrence Township

During the evening of Tuesday, July 19, 2005, Lawrence Road Fire Co. members responded with Lawrenceville Fire Co. (Station 23) personnel to a fire involving a box truck loaded with furniture.

It was 6:12 p.m. when Station 23 was dispatched for the fire at the intersection of Lawrence Road (Route 206) and Franklin Corner Road.
Lawrenceville Capt. Scott Kivet arrived on scene at 6:14 p.m. and confirmed a working fire in the truck's engine compartment.

At the time, Lawrenceville's Ladder Tower 23 was busy helping fight a two-alarm fire at 29-31 Moran Avenue in Princeton Borough, while Lawrence Road's Engine 22 was standing by in the Mercer Engine Co. No. 3 (Station 63) firehouse in Princeton Township.

At 6:19 p.m., Lawrence Road's Rescue 22 was dispatched to assist Station 23 with the fire.

Rescue 22 responded with Ff. Chris Dlabik in command, Ff. Charles Commini Sr. driving, and a crew of Ff. Charles Commini Jr. and Ff. Matt Farletta.

Lawrenceville's first-due unit, Rescue 23, arrived and its crew led off with a 1.75-inch hoseline to attack the fire, which by then had engulfed the entire cab of the box truck in flames and was sending up a column of black smoke.

Lawrence Road Chief Wayne Hannon then arrived and stretched a second 1.75-inch hoseline from Rescue 23 and used the line to help attack the fire.

Rescue 22 then pulled up and its crew set up a 3-inch hoseline to supply their tank water to Rescue 23. Rescue 22's crew then assisted with suppression efforts.

Telesquirt 23 then arrived with additional manpower.

The fire was knocked down by 6:30 p.m.

Engine 22 and Telesquirt 23 cleared the scene at 6:50 p.m., while Rescue 23 remained on location a few minutes longer.

Rescue 22 was back at Station 22 by 6:54 p.m.

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