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SEPTEMBER 20, 2005


Rider University,
2083 Lawrence Road, Lawrence Township

On Tuesday, September 20, 2005, a group of Lawrence Road Fire Co. volunteers traveled to Rider University to take part in the university's annual Awareness Day activities.

Awareness Day, which is organized by the university's Student Government Association, is an event during which all the different clubs and organizations affiliated with the university gather and put on displays that provide students with information about those organizations and how to join.

Typically, the event is held outdoors on the campus mall. This year, due to the threat of rain, the event was moved indoors into the Bart Luedeke Student Center from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Rider University is located within Lawrence Road Fire Company's first-due response district.

Hoping the fire company might be able to take part in Awareness Day to possibly interest Rider students in volunteering with the fire company, Lawrence Road Capt. Michael Ratcliffe (a 1995 graduate of Rider) contacted the university's Office of Campus Life.

Cassie Iacovelli, Assistant Dean for Campus Life, kindly forwarded the fire company's request to the Student Government Association members who were organizing Awareness Day. They agreed to the request and welcomed the fire company to take part in the event.

A crew of six Lawrence Road volunteers (Assistant Chief Chris Pangaldi, Capt. Saun Dlabik, Capt. Michael Byrd, Ratcliffe, Lt. Edward Kitchen and Ff. Brian Laue) reported to the university campus at 11 a.m. with Telesquirt 22 and Utility 22.

(The firefighters brought their turnout gear with them and the apparatus were positioned in front of the Student Center to allow for a rapid response in case an emergency call came in. Fortunately, no alarms were received during the event.)

Lawrence Road members were given a table, where they displayed some firefighting equipment (helmets, turnout gear, an axe and halligan tool) and set up a laptop computer that displayed photos and videos of Station 22 volunteers at work during fires and other incidents.

The Lawrence Road firefighters greeted dozens of students and handed out informational pamphlets about the fire company. The event was very successful and enjoyable.

The officers and members of Lawrence Road Fire Co. would like to thank Rider University and Rider's Student Government Association for allowing us to attend Awareness Day.

We encourage those Rider students who expressed an interest in the fire company to follow through and contact us by e-mail or to visit the firehouse for more information and to join our team.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help us in our mission to serve and protect the community!

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