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FEBRUARY 17, 2006

SIGNAL 5-5-5-5

Burlington Township Fire Department,
Burlington Township, Burlington County, N.J.

During the early morning of Thursday, February 9, 2006, 31-year-old Edward Marbet, a volunteer firefighter with the fire departments of Burlington Township and Burlington City, died in the line of duty while trying to fight a blaze inside his own home on Walnut Drive in Burlington Township.

According to accounts from authorities and in the news media, Marbet awoke sometime before 5:45 a.m. to find his split-level home on fire. Marbet helped get his father and pregnant fiancée out of the burning house to safety, then attempted to battle the blaze.

The 14-year veteran firefighter was overcome by smoke inside the structure. Sadly, he was already dead when he was found by his brother Burlington Township firefighters.

Marbet was laid to rest with full fire department honors.

On Friday, February 17, 2006, a memorial mass was celebrated for Marbet at the All Saints Church on High Street in Burlington City. Hundreds of firefighters attended the mass.

As many as 100 fire trucks then escorted Marbet’s body to across the Delaware River to Resurrection Cemetery in Bensalem, Pa., for burial. Along the procession route, firefighters from Bucks County, Pa., fire companies lined intersections and stood at attention in his honor.

Among those who attended the funeral mass in Burlington City and the burial services in Bensalem were Lawrence Road Deputy Chief Chris Pangaldi, Assistant Chief Shaun Dlabik, Ff. Jarred Pierson, Ff. Brian Laue, Ff. R.J. Laird and Ff. Martin Burch, with Engine 22 and Car 22.

Engine 22 was adorned with black and purple bunting for the funeral.
The officers and members of Lawrence Road Fire Co. offer our sincerest condolences to the Marbet family and our brothers and sisters in the fire service with the Burlington Township and Burlington City fire departments.

All photos copyright (c) 2006 by Brian Laue.

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