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JUNE 20, 2006


Darrah Lane, Lawrence Township

On Tuesday, June 20, 2006, members of Lawrence Road Fire Co. helped rescue a cat that was stuck in the upper branches of a tree in the backyard of a home on Darrah Lane.

A resident of the home phoned the firehouse about 10 a.m. requesting assistance.

Paid Driver Rob Santello, Capt. Michael Byrd and Ff. Matt Farletta responded to Darrah Lane with Telesquirt 22 to see what they could do.

As there was no access to the rear yard of the home for Telesquirt 22ís 75-foot aerial ladder and none of the ground ladders off Telesquirt 22 were tall enough to reach the spot where the cat was, Ladder Tower 23 from Lawrenceville Fire Co. was special-called to assist.

Ladder Tower 23 responded non-emergency to the scene and provided a 35-foot ground ladder that was carried to the rear yard and used to rescue the cat from the tree.

Once back on the ground, the kitty was returned to its owner.

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