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JUNE 28, 2006


Fire District 3 (West Trenton),
Ewing Township

During the evening of Wednesday, June 28, 2006, a crew of Lawrence Road Fire Co. volunteers responded mutual aid into Ewing Township to help warn residents living along the Delaware River that the river was soon to overflow its banks.

The impending flood was the third such event to strike the Trenton area in less than two years. Based on past experience, authorities decided to warn residents that flood waters were coming and that residents should be prepared to evacuate their homes by the following morning.

All three Ewing Township fire companies – West Trenton (Station 33), Pennington Road (Station 32) and Prospect Heights (Station 31) – and Lawrence Road Fire Co. were dispatched at 9:07 p.m. for all available manpower to report to Station 33 for a special assignment.
Chief Wayne Hannon responded in Car 22, and Engine 22 responded with Capt. Michael Byrd in command, Ff. Charles Commini Sr. driving, and a crew of Ff. Adam Rivera, Ff. Brian Laue and Ff. Steven Hodgdon.

Lawrence Road firefighters reported to Station 33 and then during the next two hours or so worked with Ewing firefighters to go door-to-door and give flood warning flyers to residents in the areas of River Road, Route 29, and Jacob’s Creek Road.

Engine 22 was back in quarters at Station 22 by 11:59 p.m.

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