This section is dedicated to the current members of Lawrence Road Fire Co. These are the dedicated men and women who — at a moment’s notice, no matter what time of day or night — leave their jobs, their families at the dinner table, or their warm beds to respond to a stranger’s call for help. And they do so as volunteers — without getting paid — simply because they want to serve their community.



CHIEF 22: Michael Byrd

DEPUTY CHIEF 22: Ryan Dlabik


CAPTAIN 22: Charles Commini Jr

CAPTAIN 22-1: Christopher Dlabik

LIEUTENANT 22: John Xenos

SAFETY OFFICER: Johnathan Fleming

Fire police Captain: Joe Dlabik, Jr.

Training/Health & Safety: James Yates



PRESIDENT: James Yates


Secretary: Dave Moore

Sergeant-at-Arms: Michael Byrd

TREASURER: John Fleming

HISTORIAN: Michael Ratcliffe


Head Trustee: John Fleming
Member Support: John Xenos
Building Mech. Sys. & Exterior: Ryan Dlabik
Building Interior: Christopher Dlabik
Supplies, Fleet & Equipment: Joe Dlabik, Jr.


Life Members

The following Lawrence Road Fire Co. members actively respond to emergency calls as fire line officers, senior firefighters, or fire police for at least 20 years.


Steven Stanzione

Le Balaam

Anthony Pasquito

Walter Schoeller

J. Russell Smith 

J. Russell Brown

Andrew Cermele Jr

Otavio Di Marco

Donald Baker

Joseph Olessi

William Musson

Mark Cermele

H. Lee Mcconahy

Leroy Cranstoun

Edward McGrath

Arthur Putman

William Baker

William Walters Jr

George Welde

Bruce Cranstoun

Vincent Terranova

Albert Clark

Pasquale Picarello

Chester Wenczel

John Goulding

John Jable

Aubrey Oldenburg

Pasquale Colavita

Joseph Toomy

Lester Smith

Carl Banks

Harold "Stumpy" Holden

Clifford Snedeker

Clifford Stout

Francis Strapp

Warren Groover Jr

Joseph Karatka

Joseph Lydon

Leo Lydon

Joseph Mahan

Linton Reed

Robert Staip

Robert Hazen

Joseph Cermele

Alfred Muskewitz

John Rablinsky

S. Jerry Martini

Thomas Oakley

Carl Kovacs

Donald Cermele

Anthony Mecheda

Forrest Miller

Rowland Reedhead

Augustas Simonelli

Charles Smith

Daniel Quill

Robert Miller

Clinton Groover

Robert Turner

Richard Morris

Thomas Ponticello

William Radlinsky

Joseph Radlinsky Jr

Joseph Simonelli

J. Wilson Southard

John Zita

Ted Clemen

Patrick Quill

 John Dzialo

John Tandy Jr

Gino Bossio

Robert Micinski

Matthew Terranova

Joe Bossio

Dennis Banister

James Yates

Patrick Kent

John Lemmon

Francis Prezechacki

Charles Commini Sr

Richard Farletta

Timothy Kasony Sr

Johnathan Fleming

Wayne Hannon Sr

Joseph Colavita

Michael Micinski

John Britton

Jeff Sawaky

Steve Amiott

Jim Pidcock

Bob Szejiner

Martin Burch

Gary Wasko

Christopher Longo

Ryan Quill

Michael Ratcliffe

Timothy Kasony Jr

Michael Perterson 

Michael Byrd

Andrew Fosina

Edward "Sonny" Kitchen

Shaun Dlabik

Joseph Dlabik Sr

Christopher Dlabik

Joseph Dlabik Jr